Airsoft replica and accessories rental

We have G36C rifles for rent. The price includes a mask and up to 1000 bullets.

Airsoft replica kit (replica, mask, battery, 1000 bullets): 15 €

Tuned replica kit (tuned replica, mask, battery, 1000 bullets): 25 €

It is also possible to rent safety equipment seperately
Goggles: 5 €
Mask: 2 €

Extra bullets (1000tk): 3 €

The rental period is 12 hours.

Rented items will be secured by an identity document or up to 200 € deposit.


You can either call us +372 5343 2168 to familiarize yourself with the products or visit our store. This is not an e-shop.

You can try and touch our products at Pikk 60, Tartu

You can pay in cash.

Most of the goods we sell are new, but sometimes we also have some used products. If you also have used equipment you want to sell, you can bring it to us for commission sales. That way, those who are interested can come and watch them. Above all, modern battle equipment and everything related to airsoft is preferred.

Airsoft weapons repair and tuning

We only deal with minor problems on the spot, but we have contacts and opportunities to solve bigger wished and/or problems. Prices by agreement.