We will itroduce airsoft to you!

Airsoft is a sport, where the two sides shoot each other with Airsoft guns, which ammunation is made of plastic balls and they do not harm you. Admitting that you are hit is about honesty! There are no limits in the game design, everything is limited just by your fantasy and environmental possibilities. With our help, you can make your birthday, company event or holiday with your friends memorable and full of adrenaline rush.
Simple. In the battlefield, fighters from different sides shoot each other with 6mm plastic balls. If you feel or hear that you have been hit by a bullet, you are your own judge and declare yourself dead by clearly informing other fighters by lying down or shouting "dead" etc.

After admitting a hit, either act according to the rules, or move to the "dead" area where you can leave back to the battleground after agreed time . If any of the fighters fail to follow the agreed ruled or repeatedly does not confirm hits - inform the organizer or instructor who will take the necessary measures.
A little bit. Airsoft is something like extreme sport, but still safer than parachute jumps or mountain climbing. Ordinary clother are more than enough to protect you from airsoft gun bullets. It is recommended to wear gloves and hat. With wearing too thick clothes you must pay attention, because it's harder to recognize the hit. Most likely, you will only feel a slight impulse and sometimes you have to admit you're hit by simply hearing the shot. Otherwise, the weapons should be set to fire stronger and raise the standard of defense equipment, making sport more uncomforable for everyone.
Every sport which involves guns etc. devices that you can harm yourself or others, applies universal rule - do not touch anything before you've got instructions. Equally important is following rule - every order given by instructor or organizer MUST be followed and without instructor permission don't do anything! Follow these simple rules and your safety is guaranteed!
Airsoft guns are from Japan, where in 1970's, despite the interest and demand any possesion of real weapons was banned. However, this great interest and demand for weapons sparked an industry that began producing weapon models. From models - functional airsoft guns that nowadays shoot standardized 6mm, mostly plastic, bullets.

At the time when most of the airsoft guns came from Japan only, it was an expensive collector's area, not to mention a sport. Over time, however, military equipment suitable for weapons as well as for sports spreaded to Taiwan and later to China, which awakened airsoft in its own era and allowed it to develop into a sport that even a middle class citizen can afford.
The appearance and functionality of the airsoft weapons are almost identical to real weapons. Therefore, airsoft can be used, for example, by military and police as training tools to simulate battles. Weapons have both semi and automatic modes and the trays are interchangeable.

Our airsoft guns work with either electricity or gas. Electricity powered weapons get their energy from lithium polymer batteries. The battery rotates the electric motor and in turn, it runs a comporessor mechanism made of three gears, spring, piston, cylinder and a nozzle. This mechanism causes the air to move a 6mm plastic ball. The speed of the ball is determined by the spring properties. Different springs can give 0.2g plastic ball an outlet speed of 85 m/s up to mind blowing 190 m/s, which is used in rare cases. Our weapons shoot 0.2g plastic balls up to 120 m/s which is considered safe in airsoft as a sport. It means that if you get shot from a distance of a few centimeters or less, it will not produce permanent injuries. Wounds or bruises will heal without any serious scars or deformities.

Gas powered airsoft guns are usually powered by either propane reservoir or CO2 capsule inside the tray. Often the gas also moves the gun lock or pistol sled to create realistic sense of rebound. Output speed is similar to electricity powered weapons and it only shoots plastic bullets!
Now it's the best to start by saying how many airsoft enthusiasts there are in the world. Unfortunately, this is near impossible to say. Airsoft is obviosly the most popular in Japan, probably followed by USA, where airsoft also spreaded the fastest. By popularity, after the US, there are many Asian and European countries including Estonia.

As stated before, airsoft is an folk sports, which you do not need to be a member of any club or association to practice in most countries, you do not have to have any licenses or other papers. You can just go and buy your own airsoft gun and play in the backyard with your family or friends.

In addition to the weapons, a true enthusiast will eventually buy other equipment, such as additional trays, which require harness. Usually, in this regard, inspiration is provided by the equipment of the troops. Any subsequent equipment shall be selected according to what they are using or what is available at the moment. Only then will it usually be discovered that the collected equipment could also be used freely in the woods or in multi-day events gathering dozens, if not even hundreds of airsofters.

This is how the so-called hard-core events began, where various stages of battle maneuvers are passed through woodlands, swamps, rivers or lakes, and if you're rich enough, you can even fly.
Airsoft in Estonia began in the late '90s, when the first enthusiasts, who could afford guns ordered them from Japan or the US. The first events were held with fewer than ten participants and with practically no equipment other than safety goggles. However, airsoft was extremely catching and has developed well in Estonia since then. There are 300 and sometimes even 500 enthusiasts in the summer, who unfortunately have not participated in any event at the same time. Still there are major events held every year. Foreigners from all over Europe and sometimes from around the world are often invited to the event. They come on their own or as a team. Most of the guests are coming from our neighbour countries. There are also some smaller events, where everyone is welcomed to see what airsoft is all about. Information on such events can be found in the Airsoft forum: www.airsoftfoorum.ee.